Happy Little Kidneys

I created this website to help kids in hospitals. I realized that the way your hospital room is decorated can change your experience. Here are the things that helped me : 1. A string of lights to brighten the dull dark room. 2. A diffuser to make the room smell a little nicer. 3. Decorations, lots and lots of decorations! 4. Hot packs (mine where named Foxy and Cloudy.) 5. Toys and projects to keep me busy.

My goal for this website is to bring all these things to kids in the hospitals and give them a room makeover! All of the money we raise will go towards making unique and individualized kits for kids with extended hospital stays.

About Me

Hi, My name is Anna. I am 17 years old and I have Lupus nephritis. I was diagnosed December 2017. It all started with what we thought was a bad flu, then my mom realized that my feet were swollen. That night I was admitted into the hospital with kidney failure. The hospital room was dark, boring, and smelled like hospital.  I had to change how it looked and felt.  With the help of family and friends, we transformed my space. The longer I stayed the bigger my decorations grew. By the end I had a diffuser, bright Christmas lights, lots of decorations, and cozy fuzzy stuffed animals. All the nurses agreed that I had the best room in the whole hospital! It changed how I felt and made the room seem less hospitaly.