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Last year Happy Little Kidneys donated 41 Christmas kits to UC Davis children's hospital.

We are starting to collect donations for our December hospital visit! Our plan is to drop off on December 19th 2019. Our goal this year is to have enough kits for 2 pediatric floors at UC Davis! This would be 60 kits total.

We are hoping to get donations as soon as possible so that we can take advantage of the Black Friday sales.

We are adding a new item to our kits this year! I have one stuffed animal that I got in the hospital that is my favorite. His name is Henry, Henry the Fox. He is a big, long stuffed animal that is easy to rest your arm on, which is nice when you have an I.V. in the crook of you arm. I wanted to add this to the list because he turned out to be very special to me and also very comforting.