Sunday Stories

We had some pretty sad days in the hospital, sadness so deep all we could do was wallow in it. As a mother, I did my best to stay the course but there were moments and even days that made my body fracture with grief over the somberness that had enveloped our lives. My once very content and active child was suddenly undergoing chemotherapy, swollen with 60 pounds of water her kidney’s couldn’t process, and the light from her eyes was visibly absent. Just heavy. A heaviness we couldn’t overcome. It was in those times we relied on the hope and joy of others to lighten the weight of it all. We never knew how it would come, but thankfully we were never long without some gift of levity, or buoy of comfort.....(click to continue)Mango Tango

It’s hard to fully convey all the experiences and emotions we felt during Anna’s hospital stay and Lupus diagnosis. Looking back, it's even hard to remember what happened and in what order. But certain memories stick out, the really good ones and the really awful ones.

One of these good memories was when Anna made friends with the gift shop dinosaur during her stay at Sutter. (click to continue)

Once upon a time there was a brave warrior girl named Anna. She traveled the land crusading for good with her fierce animal army: Henry( huggable or hittable, depending on the day), Cloudy, the effervescent unicorn, a fat duck named Snowball, and an unnamed dinosaur who had captured her heart. One day, Anna became ill. As her body grew weak, her crusading became tiresome. Sadly, and against her desire, Anna retired to her bed, her animal army with her. (Click to Continue)

It was December 15th 2017. I was supposed to be staring in my school play but instead I was home with the flu. It was a terrible flu with terrible symptoms: high fever, nausea, light-headedness, sore throat, cough, and puffy feet. Puffy feet! Who gets puffy feet with the flu? (Click to continue)

Anna’s Lupus diagnosis left me forever changed. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what is so different. And for some, I’m sure it gets old to hear me prattle on about these things. However, I continue to prattle.

One thing Lupus brought was acute awareness that nothing is guaranteed. (Click to continue)